Thirty Years. Family Owned.

When choosing a precision manufacturer, size matters. So, does ownership. Paragon Manufacturing, a woman-owned, family-led and operated shop, has a competitive edge over larger manufacturers, particularly those owned by private equity firms.

This industry is not for rookies, particularly when supplying parts to the aerospace industry. Paragon’s 30-plus years manufacturing precision parts speaks volumes. The leadership team of Karen and Steven Beals takes responsibility for the on-time delivery of uncompromised quality parts, day in and day out. There’s nothing flashy about Paragon or the Beals. It’s the company’s rock-solid values and can-do attitude that distinguishes Paragon. The firm regularly tackles jobs competitors shy away from. Team Paragon simply “figures it out.” Sound like the right supplier for your next job?

Meet The Team

Steven Beals

Vice President

Karen Beals


Mark E. DiLorenzo

Senior Director of Sales and Marketing

Eric Stone

Engineering Supervisor

Norman Cournoyer

Production Supervisor

John Barnes

Chief Inspector

The Paragon Difference

Sometimes investor-owned companies make decisions based on taking short-term profits. The Beals are in this for the long haul, reinvesting profits back into their business. This fact is important because they are also early adopters of new machinery. Steven bought Paragon’s first 5-axis machine long before it was common on any competitors’ shop floors. And he’s continuously upgrading machines and ramping up engineering capabilities with the latest software.

No matter how up to date the machinery is, it’s the human factor that ultimately makes the difference. That’s why Paragon is so committed to developing its employees and very likely the reason why the company has such a stable workforce. Many Paragon operators have been with the company for a decade or longer. Paragon prides itself on keeping its promises to its employees. In turn, employees go above and beyond. 

One example is the way supervisors mentor and train younger employees. Human capital sets Paragon heads and shoulders above competitors.

Paragon Manufacturing opened in 1989. Karen and Steven have always believed that effective management, consistent process, and outstanding performance continue to count with customers.

One of Paragon’s many virtues is its quest for innovation. Employees throughout the company are always looking for a better, more efficient and, therefore, more affordable way to do a job while never, ever, sacrificing quality. Your decision to place your trust in Paragon is no small matter. Paragon rewards that trust with a process that never yields surprises. If you have a tough, mission-critical job on your desk, by now you should be thinking, “Paragon can do it.”