Paragon seems bigger than it is, especially when it comes to process. When quoting a job, experienced engineers think through the entire project so the price accurately reflects reality-based costs and delivery. Factor in Paragon’s near-perfect product acceptance rate—something every Paragon employee strives for. There’s no margin for error when your tolerances are less than the width of a human hair. The careful way Paragon does business is what customers appreciate most.

Process: Planning, plating, production

From day one, our engineers evaluate plating and/or secondary processes that might impact your part or delivery schedule. We make the tools and fixtures to hold your part and program the machines.  All machining is done in-house by capable machinists. There’s a steady flow of information between engineering and machining with one objective: Do it once. Right.



Quality is built into the process at every step, but particularly as its being machined. Post production, Paragon uses a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Once again, complex state of the art machines are great, but it takes a person who knows how to program the machine that makes for “you can take it to the bank” quality assurance.

Paragon has a customer acceptance rate any precision manufacturer would be proud of: 99.96%.